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AccuVein: new devices to improve venipuncture

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AccuVein is a private US that develops products that facilitate the visualization of peripheral vasculature.

AccuVein – AV400 – displays in real-time digital map of the vasculature on the skin surface, allowing doctors to check the patency of the vein and prevent valves and bifurcations. The veins are shown because the hemoglobin in the blood absorbs preferentially light to infrared rays. For this reason, the vascular system displayed represents the contents of the veins and not the entire vein. The AccuVein system is portable and lightweight, weighs only 275gr. Venipuncture is a procedure that requires that both hands are free, then AccuVein is equipped if necessary of supports on wheels or stationary in a position to allow the user to keep the device above the patient’s body and at the same time having full mobility. The design allows the device to be easily cleaned and sterilized. AV400 is aligned permanently. Use is made more easier by the possibility for AccuVein to rotate in any direction above the vein displayed, this makes AV400 useful on a variety of patient types. The accuracy when precision, up to the width of a human hair, allows AccuVein detect veins up to 10 mm depth. The innovation is in response venipuncture procedures more effective and greater satisfaction among patients, which makes it clear why many facilities have chosen to integrate AccuVein in their standard of care.


  • AV400 unit including battery
  • Charging Kit
  • Universal power supply, and multinational adapters

The device AccuVein reduce 39% pain in cases of venous access difficult – DVA -such as in patients with a BMI of more than 35 . increased of success increased from 50% to 96% marking an important turning point for all those who have a DVA. In the pediatric field the system represents a true revolution. Medical professionals know that venipuncture can be especially difficult in some patients. Among which:

  • The elderly
  • Patients with dark skin, in which the veins are not highly visible
  • Patients Obese, in which the veins can not be visible or palpable
  • Patients who have many diagnostic or therapeutic procedures intravenously
  • Burns
  • Cancer patients in chemotherapy
  • Addicts

Not are omitted at this point the advantages from the economic point of view. The cost savings using AccuVein far exceeds the cost of normal needles – about $ 100,000 for each company hospital – if a service of hospitalization were to use AccuVein even once a week, there would be a cost savings of around three times and risk prevention of serious infection would be a further significant benefit. The device is also used by the educational point of view of future doctors, nurses and paramedics during their internship. They say AccuVein:

“In my 29 years of service as a paramedic, this is one of the few times I’ve used a tool that improves the response with patients, reduces the risk of infection and allows cost savings. AccuVein is a real lifesaver. ”
– Paramedic in Birmingham –

“Where is it? We need it! Other departments are jealous that we AccuVein.”
– Children’s Research Hospital, department of anesthesia –

“The patient was surprised, frankly, I too!”
– Medical Director of Vein Clinic –

AccuVein demonstrates again as research and technology is a perfect combination and efficient to assure the protection and welfare of each of us.

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