K Computer, a fraction of the human brain

Its name is K, and it is the fourth most powerful computer in the world. Although it is equipped with 705.024 processors and 1.5 million gigabytes of RAM, it took over 40 minutes to play one percent of the activities that the human brain does in a single second.

K computer, which is installed at the RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science, has been programmed with an open-source tool called NEST (Neural Simulation Technology).

Although it seems huge, the simulated neural network is smaller by two orders of magnitude compared to the human brain.

Speaking about technical data, the K computer has a transfer speed of 30 × 10 ^ 15 bytes/s, 8.2 billion megaflops (operations performed by the CPU in a second) to 9.9 million watts.
In contrast, the human brain has a transfer speed of 3.5 × 10 ^ 15 bytes/s, with 2.2 billion of megaflop and only 20 watts.

Our brain, however, is incredibly efficient because it only takes up the volume of our head and consumes less than a light bulb.

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